Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kopling;The Opening

Ha! I knoow... its waaaay to late to post this, better late than never..I think..;P. There you go, some snaps from Kopi Keliling Opening Art Market!

Blaah.. I don't really have much time to take shoots and paying attention on the result, so very sorry for the poor quality, just think it as a deliberately art form! (yah rite)

 - One of the display, I don't know, at the time I suddenly really get into feathers.. so I decorate my stand mostly with feathers
- My boho chic/feathery/hasteful stand.. On the end of the show, I get really frustrated with the hanger, its broken because of loosing some of its bolts (I forgot to bring it from the studio, stupid)
- The hanging decoration I made all night. Hhahahaa.. some of my friend says I suppose to sell this too
- Again, one of my display look, with feathers and coffee bean
- Some of other crafter display, there are still a lot of them actually, but I can't manage to shoot them all, simply because I have to stay in my stand for almost the whole show
- Again, some cool craft, I am sadly had not much time to take a look more
- Beside the art market, there are some music and art performance from many artists, and off course the climax are from everybody's favorite pupet theather; THE Papermoon Pupet Theater! :)

There you go, see you on another art market!


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