Friday, April 19, 2013


Several weeks ago, my friend Anggi took me to her father's place in Ngawi. Before the journey, she talks a lot about the place, telling how beautiful it is. I was pretty excited, but I won't lie.. at first its all about the train trip.. I mean who doesn't like train??! I know how it is oftenly late, or sometimes you have to be extra careful with your bags and stuff, but, come on..every modes of transportation always needs extra precaution. right?..riight?.. yah. Well for me, train is always the first option. There's always something about this nostalgic and romantic feeling in it.. and sometimes you ended up being so melancholic, and can't  not thinking about your life and your goal for happiness and,  jeez..what have I done with my life... 
Okay snap! Cut the train blab. Here. Pictures

So we arrive, and its no longer about the train (duh), the place is indeed beautiful. It feels like I'm going to my uncle's or grandma's house, you know like the song.. Its a very soothing and relaxing place, the kinda place where you just stop yourself for being stressed out or worried about work, or carrier, or meetings, or gas price, or  have you locked your house, have you turn of the stove, have you unplug the electricity.. I'm blabing again right?..yeeeah.
It's a great place, great people, and I've met this super size angel called Lanang, hahaa.. he is Anggi's little step-brother. He ask (and a bit force) us, to come with him catch some (very) little fish. And while we walk, he'd be like "I think this is the right place! Okay stop! Come on, you guys are so slow! Here, take this!" and we're just "Okay..." I think I'm a little scared.. In the end, we call him 'Big Boss'.  Oh, and Anggi's step-mother cook us some insanely delicious food, I was totally in heaven. Its definitely a beautiful time, too bad I can't stay long there. But hey, its only 3 hours travel (not to mention by train, yiay..). I hope I can go there again soon. There are a lot of place I haven't visited there yet . So be prepared for more posting about Ngawi! 


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