Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My first experience on dyeing with coffee! 

On the last art market I participate in, I have to make one product that was inspired by coffee. So suddenly I was thinking about dyeing one of my product with coffee. I was pretty surprised to see a lot of tutorial on dyeing fabric using coffee in the internet. So with no doubt, I start to collect the kit and start the experiment.
I use this tutorial for the experiment, allthought I use my use my own measurement. I use more coffee and more time to soak the fabric. The end result is as what I already expected were not too bold, but it gives some rustic feeling and to be add the incredible coffee aroma that soak after it. The tutorial said you can soak it into soap or laundry it to wash away the aroma, but what's the use on dyeing with coffee if you don't get the smell?!!

PS: I finally made tote bags from the fabrics, the product will be on sale in draoupads's facebook page next week! So be prepare, and I hope you like it.


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Danial oliver said...

Will u ook een Koffiemachine hebben, vul dan de onderstaande velden in,
waarna u de Uwbeste voor u bij Nederlandse
of Belgische leveranciers offertes gaat aanvragen. Hiermee bespaart u minimaal 15%.