Saturday, May 4, 2013


A Saturday experiment

As a person who spend most of her time dealing in collaborating colors, it is quite funny to realize that on my daily life I don't really get into colors. My closet are fulled with monochrome colors, black, white, grey, salem, and all the boring colors. So when I know that my latest dyeing design on the clutch I've been recently  publish on the facebook page actually get pretty much fans, I'm quite thrilled. 
So I decided to did more motives experiment on black and white colors. I never had the test, but for a long time I always think that the Rorschach ink blot test patterns are beautiful, and then I saw this, and I think why don't I try it as a dyeing motives? And I have this rejected black canvas that I accidentally cut it (the white spot you see on the third picture are a hard fabric, so there's nothing wrong with the editing, ha) And voila! Here come the first result!! Me likey. So save room in your closet, for the Rorschach clutch, bags, or even shawl!