Monday, April 1, 2013

Simpang Banyak Julu

On April 6th, I was planning to participate in Pasar Kutu Bazaar, it's one of the part from Kopi Keliling exhibition. Me along with the other participants were expecting to make something inspired by coffee, so I start to open my picture files from my latest research trip in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra, and fortunately I was placed in this village where almost all of the people there,  earns money from planting coffee. Name it, Robusta, Arabica I had it all. As a coffee lover it was indeed a heaven on earth for me. I even had chances to taste what so called the most expensive coffee in the world; the real and authentic Luwak coffee.. twice.. oh yeah, in your face, hey people whom pay 300.000 IDR for a cup of one. Ha!  *big grin

So people, let me introduce you, to one of the most  beautiful and peaceful place I've ever been; Simpang Banyak Julu. 

Simpang Banyak Julu is located in the end of the road, it is adjacent to the forest and hills. Forget your cellphone, there are no signals at all there, no probs for me. You have to drive by motorcycle 30 minutes up to the hill for signals, and it only appears in certain places. 
For me, when you go to some places, sometimes its no longer only about the place itself, but the people in it. 
Before I went there, many people warn  me about the strong and hard character of the villagers, well I don't say they were wrong, they do, but behind it, they were such a humble and great people to be with. I've met my heroine there, the amazing lady, whom insist that I should call her Umak, which actually means 'mother'. She appears in the third and fourth picture, I promise I'll make a special posting dedicated to her.
Meandwhile, I hope you enjoy some snaps I get from there. Adios!

Oh yeah, I'm still going to remind you, if you're in Jogja, don't forget April 6th 2013, I'll be at Pasar kutu bazar, in the opening of Kopi Keliling. Kedai Kebun, from 3 PM till 11 PM. See you there..


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