Friday, March 29, 2013


For quite some time, I had plan to make one simple outfit but with some intricate dyeing technique in it, I have done some miserably failed experiments involving different kinds of technique, until I finally came up with the latest one, that I must say, I am quite satisfied with the result. So people, hereby I proudly present to you; Panchali.

In sanskrit, Panchali means princess from Panchala, which refer to, surprise surprise.. Drupadi, a mythological figure whom the name became my inspiration in naming the label, draoupads. At first, I just want a name that could represent the colouring technique I used, since there are five process involved, so I'm thinking the word 'Panca', which means literally 'Five'. But I'm not quite into the name, so along came Panchali.
Here I share some photos in the colouring process, I basically did three times dyeing, and then I used the bleaching technique, and finished it with some crazy fabric paint splatter (seeing it again, it's kinda bit Dexter-ish isn't it? Hahaa.. Don't worry there are no dead bodies involves in making the tops ;P).

And here is the end result in close up. By the way I must remind you that the first picture (with model) and the rest of the pictures, are not the same motives *duh.. Well, just in case you wondering how come the result sudenly become yellow.
By the way, if you live in Yogya, around the third or fourth weeks of April, I will do a mini workshop on dyeing in Kedai Belakang cafe. As soon as we've reach the final date, I'll definitely gave you a further notice. Ooh yeah, have you visit my project's blog with Atit from Atita Shop?! The Six Tote Project. Right now we are doing the illustration and the dyeing for the tote, make sure you follow our journey, and come join the discussion and share your thoughts about animal right's awareness especially concerning pet issue.

PS: On April 6th 2013, draoupads will be participating in Pasar K.U.T.U. placed in Kedai Kebun, from 3 PM - 11 PM. If you're in Yogya at the time, make sure to come, there will be plenty of amazing craft and creatively designed product. We will also sale some specially design products, and off course, 'special' price are wating for you ;)



Rara said...

Ki, lu udah pernah baca Istana Khayalan, novelnya Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni? Drupadi itu juga dipanggil Khrisnaa, bentuk perempuannya Khrisna :)

atinna said...

O ya? Belom baca. Iya, Drupadi ternyata namanya banyak ajeh..Tapi kalo si Khrisnaa ini gue baru tau. Besok gue bikin atasan Khrisnaa deh, hehehehee