Saturday, February 9, 2013


Beware girls, there's a new boy in town, he could grab and ripped your heart in second! 
But if you fine with that, call me. Maybe we can arrange some matchmaking plan, with good deal off course, hahahaa.. ;P

Can you believe it... Aksan is almost two years!! Well actually it's still five more month (we had a very close birthday!). Lately his obsession towards cameras are getting bigger, and it could became a huge problem when Lila or I have to shoot our latest product, cause he will cry and beg so he can be the one who shot it. But what can I say, he's the little prince, and talking about this prince, his favorite pal, which is ME (no, its not a subjective thing, he really does say it ;P) just can't say no, even when it means we have to delay our photo shoot for several hours. :(

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