Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Draoupads Moments in 2012

Wheeeeee... can you believe its already 2013?.. What a journey.. many things happens to me in 2012, I can't say it's a very good year, nor a bad one. But I must say, its a pretty challenging year. I found myself in things that I never thought I could be able to do it, and also places I never thought I could be travel to. I reach some personal achievement that I must say it makes me quite proud of myself. In 2012, I;ve made some pretty big decisions, one of it is definitely; going back to Jogja, and finally be able to have my own studio. Also one of the big decision I have is to finally make draoupads as my main job for now. Its a rough patch indeed, but even until now, I'm quite sure I don't regret any of it, at all. (well, maybe a little, when the wallet get thiner.. damn, I should've take that big corporate job).. ;P

Well, talking about draoupads, here's some of my favorite draoupads's photo shoot all along 2012!



- Draoupads's first outerwear! The model is Okta, and I'm crazy with her tanned skin and the fact of how tall she is for such a young girl..
- The Cakra! Its actually a loop model for draoupads's scarves, that have a traditional twist on the material. And people, I might have mention her before, but never actually introduce her, this is my friend Rara.
- Draoupads's tops is back! Sokya and Vanya is back. I've already produce them in 2011, apparently the model have pretty much fans, so I decided to produce the agaim. And as the Model, is Kiki. Rrrite same name, trust me its always feels weird everytime I call her name..
-And yess, it's Cakra again, but this time one of my best friend Anggi is doing as a model. Always love her bubbly spirited attitude!
- Here is Hani, and believe it or not, she is Anggi's little sister. I've known her since she's in junior high, and then I photograph her and suddenly realize that she's growing into a woman, a one beautiful woman indeed.
Annnnnnd as I said before, the first Indun and Cakra photo shoot are definitely my most favorite photo shoot moment in 2012, and thanks to this little prince, that made all the time seems worth it only by seeing his beautiful smile :)


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