Monday, November 12, 2012

Scenes from behind the scene

So, the first idea was to have Lila as the only model for the collection, we thought 'no problem', off course she have to bring Aksan along, I thought 'okay', while Lila was being photographed by Udin, our most talented photographer/director (despite of his cranky-ness ;p), I can take Aksan to play. 
Everything is well setted, we only forgot one thing; Aksan is nooo ordinary baby to handle with.

My.. he kept insisted to be close with his mommy, and won't take 'no' for an answer. As you can see.. At one point, he didn't even let Lila to wear the shawls... Oh dear..

It's been pretty stressful at first, but Udin took some first shoots of Lila with Aksan, and surprisingly it went reeeeeely great! So I've decided to include Aksan in the frame (sure, what choice do I have, right?) What an expensive property.. Heee..
And the battle continuous, after Lila finished with the first shawl model (I've published two kind of shawls for the collection), Aksan is craving for milk, and that's it, we're doomed.. Thank God, Rara was came by, so I instantly asked her to model for the second shawl. And the 'Little King' was again in his best mood and gave us his best love :)

The photo session was took place at Vredeburg Castle in Malioboro street at noon. Overall I must say, this has became one of the most hectic and also FUN Draoupads's photo session, evvverr..! :)

Hope you enjoy the collection!

PS: All the photo credit belongs to Shalahudin Siregar (Udin), except some of the shot with him on the frame off course, that would be me..;p


and Aksan..;)

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