Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Life of Tea

There's always something heartwarming-ish about tea. For me, tea is always reminds me of the warmth feeling that I get from my mom. She would serve me a cup of tea in like, any occasion, such as every morning before I go to school, every time I feel sick or I got ill, anytime I went back to Jakarta from out of town and vice versa,  or anytime when my family are gathered in our childhood house. Tea is also her first option to serve whenever there's a guest in our house. She believes that in some way tea will give you the energy, and also some comfort feeling to stay strong and relax at a same time. Its also sort off her way of giving a piece of her heart.. I miss mommy..:(

So, last Saturday, my friends and I are having a trip to Solo and we went to Solo International Tea Festival. A tea festival.. can you believe it.. Its definitely a heaven for all the tea addict out there. 
Well, I considered myself as a coffee person, rather than a tea person, but since tea have been really close in my life and my family, and I always fascinated by the culture surrounds it, so I really enjoy our adventure there. We got to taste different kinds of tea, and kinda challenge our sense to differentiate many kinds of tea variation from different brand. WHICH...I must confess, in most of the product, I just.can't.tell. any difference.. And whenever we feel surrender, we just nod our head and agreed to any words the 'tea master' says..*pssst.. Oh, my poor sense..

By the way, here's a few snaps
- Some tea variation, I just pictured four of them, believe me there are still a lot of them
- Rose tea. too bad they didn't have any tasting sample, baaaad decision.
- Some sample of tea grounds after it been brewed.
- Some of the beautiful tea packaging. By the way, the guy in the 'Solo Tea' packaging, Jokowi, the former Solo city Mayor, whom now is the new Governor for Jakarta, is actually came that day! If not because the crowd people surrounds him, I won't notice at all.
- This tea device definitely caught my eyes.. Its so pretty, I wanna buy them all, I don't care if I will use it or not. Off course I eventually did not buy them, at.all. They're pretty expensive.
- The festival were took place in the city hall. I agreed,  the room are beautiful indeed.

The festival held from 13th untill 15th of October. I also have some other snaps from our trip in Solo that I wanna share. But I guess I'll share it in different post later on.


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