Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Moveable Feast

I know it's pretty late, but I've just watch Midnight in Paris two days ago, while everyone seems already talked about it in like months ago, better late than never I guess. Well, it turn out to be one of the most interesting Woody Allen movie I have ever seen (Annie Hall is my favorite). The movie kind of gave you a sweet punch in the face about old phrase that saying yesterdays are always better, hahhaaa.. I guess that includes me.. Like, c'mon.. you won't say that today's are better than the 90's right?! I mean, at least 90s doesn't have Bieber or that Minaj thing.. the worst we can get is a bunch of boyband and some kinky house music.. But as a former BSB fans, I won't called it bad days..
Well, anyway.. I can't resist to share some of the image of the movie, the clothes, the ambience, are just amaaaazing.. Here's some that caught my eyes

My... aren't you just want to go Paris, and wish some random car from the twenties swoop you and bring you back to the time where Paris is became, as what Hemingway call 'a moveable feast'.. 
So there you go, here.. I leave you with Mr.Hemingway himself.. (or the guy who play as him)


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