Wednesday, November 14, 2012


There is one moment in my life when I finally realize that, I'm not that good in 'living with people'.. I mean it's not like I wish to live in a secluded mountain where the only friends I have is some mountain goat or a wolf pack..geez.. But, the idea of having to keep yourself from annoying or to be annoyed by someone and must have a highly tolerance with it.. it's just..dull. I mean, c'mon we've done that in a whole days, and then we back home, we have to do that again, my.. 
I must say, when I move to Bogor with my sister, and frequently living in Jakarta, with my mother and my sister's and brother's family (no, this is not the same sister, oh yess we're a big family indeed) after almost a decade living alone, its been a quite shock adapting again to the 'communal living'. I must say I'm not pleased by it.. Off course I'm happy that I can be near my mom, but that's a different context. Perhaps I should get myself a cat.. No?

SO, what's the correlation of living alone with this post.. Well, contextually there's none (he..). This post actually just want to tell you some of the things I'm obsessed with lately, and have become a really nice companion during my 'alone but not lonely' night.. whatever.

The Fight Club! I've watch the movie in a gazzilion years ago, in a laser disc! My brother rented it, I'm not quite sure that I understand the whole movie at the time, but that last scene just caught my breath. About a month ago I bought the book, and just can't stop being obsessed with it's every single page. I watch the movie again, and damn.. This is my #1 list for 'the most bad ass movie of all time'. 

Sherlock. Oh yeah.. This one's definitely a bad ass too. Loooove this BBC version of Sherlock Holmes. Everything just purrrfect. I've lost words, just watch it yourself, and for you who then finally  love it as much as I do (seriously you can't beat my love to this thing) I must say you have a great taste then.. ;p. The serial gave me reason to live, which is; waiting for the season three. Yess, it's just THAT good.

I don't know how many of you knows the show, but for you who don't and craving for some good laugh, seriously dude, forget the OVJ, Mr Bean (I talking about the re-re-re-re-run episodes) or even local news. This show is the one you should run to, go stream, download it, or watch per-scene in youtube, anyting, keyword: 'Whose Line is it Anyway'. This show is sick. All hail for the most talented comedian artist there and also Drew Carey the brain behind the show. Here's one of the episode with Robin Williams as a guest star, that almost kills me for suffocating myself.

And now, we're moving on to the audio treat. Here is one the most extraordinary singer ever, Fiona Apple. Fiona Apple is one of a few musician that I follow their career, it's because she's just that AWESOME. Her voice and her insane music are some of that stays pretty long in my playlist. Have you heard her new album? Genius!

I always think Annie Lennox was probably one of a descendant from the Amazon women. I mean look at her.. Well, I don't follow her as much as Fiona Apple or Feist, but lately I've been hearing her music again, a lot. I don't know, there's always something nostalgic and empowering about this lady's voice.

Call me cheesy, but the year I've spent in Bogor, for some reason I don't know, I've become obsessed with the talent competition reality show. Name it, American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, Q Viva, So you Think You Can Dance, Got to Dance, I'm almost thiss close to watch Dancing with the Stars..(phew..) 
Well this guy over here is one living proof that there are actually REAL artist that found in the show. I love him even when the first audition. Josh Rajcik, he's the runner up in the X Factor USA 2011. I kinda glad he didn't became the winner, if he does, probably right now he's already became this one pathetic robot in TV. Right now he is reportedly  doing his first major record, can't wait!
Here's one of his amaaazing performance, singing one of my favorite song.

And on the visual treat, everybody.. Seamus Gallagher. I'm totally in love with this boy. He's smart, have an amazing sense of humor, a great sort of bitchy attitude, off course a great talent, and he's only 17! He's everything I wish I was when I was 17, (in a boy version). His work recapturing today's pop culture, his political view, not to mention his bittersweet journey of his age. Go see his tumblr, you'll understand what I mean. And I like the fact that he's very open about his sexual preferences.

There you go, hope I give you some good references. Meanwhile, there, I leave you with some of my favorite works from Seamus Gallagher

PS: the first picture actually the picture of my homemade ginger tea, and guess the surprise I found in the ginger slice.. there's a tooth in my tea!! Ha! I mean how many chances that you have a sliced ginger that look like a tooth?. And look, I've shoot it in an instagram-ish kinda style, whoa I'm such a hipster.... 
Okay, I'll cut the crap. 
So, bye then!


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