Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One of the main reason why I temporarily took a pretty long break from draoupads is because since last year I began to re-explore my-so-called scientific side. Well, when I was in college I took Anthropology as my major, and since then, I must say it gave me a major influence in my thought and my paradigm about life and most of the thing.
And then there is this moment.. when I feel like there are many things I haven't done in my life, including traveling, exploring new places, meeting with new people and experiencing new activities. So it happens, one of my senior is calling if I can do a research, and so the story goes..

- Clouds picture from plane, after my departure from Jakarta. I always love looking clouds from a plane window, near the window seat are definitely my favorite spot seat.
- I kinda forget, wether it is Balikpapan or Tarakan, since we use connecting flight. But I think its Tarakan seeing from above
- The Bunyu Bay. One of my favorite view and my favorite spot in Bunyu Island. It was the place where my research took place. Beautiful place, only an hour from Tarakan
- Nibung Beach, one of the beach in Bunyu. The interesting thing about the beach is that, it was filled with coal! But my friend says its dead coal, so it can't be use anymore. 
- Sei Kura Beach. This is literaly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I'm just freakinly crazy with the view, the driftwood (I love driftwood), this dreamy and whimsycal aura. Its perfectly my kind of beach.
- After the research has done, I gave myself a little vacation gift. I went to Derawan and do this unforgettable island hopping journey. I will gave you more about this vacation and my other trip on the next posting.

Right now, I can say I'm a designer slash freelance researcher. Maaan.. it does sounds good.. Hahahaa. Well, its definitely a two different world to live in, but it kinda gave me this weird balance for my soul. And note: pssst.. it also goes well for the pocket, and gave me an enough foundation for my big plan. About the plan, off course I will tell you. Just wait for the next posting ..;)
I must say, that again, I feel incredibly blessed that I'm able to do things I love..  Relaax, this is not going to be one of that preachy posting about how we must to be thankful about every single things and so on and so on..;P.  I must say, life still sucks sometimes (doh). But I guess one thing to be thankful is how we can always cope to its bittersweet journey.


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