Monday, October 8, 2012

Sh*t Happens

Sometimes, things we planned could turn into something different than we expected. In terms of life.. or dye-ing, it could mean two things: First, it could  turn out to be one supreme unintentionally awesomeness, and second, it could end up as a one huge total failure, which.. exactly what was happen to me earlier yesterday when I was trying a new method in coloring. 

Well, lately I've been doing some experiment in batik methods. Apparently, I did good on my first attempt ( I'll post about that later on). So I try it on a different fabric, and thanks to my stupidity, I forgot the first rule about doing your own coloring, which is: 'Always pay attention the nature of your fabric'. Because each fabric has its own unique character, and it will affect the result of any coloring methods you use.
So without thinking further, I just stroke down the malam (the batik's paraffin) on to the fabric of my sample dress, and just like that... I can't get rid of it, I boil it for hours, but I still can't manage to remove all the malam.. like, ever.

So, there you go folks.. shit just happens. 

Note: I am soooo new at this batik methods, I promise to myself I'll take a REAL course on it. But meanwhile, is there any of you who can figure out what's wrong, and perhaps inform me, what should I suppose to do, regarding doing batik method in a thin and sheer fabric? Big thanks for the info!


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