Monday, October 1, 2012

A Peek on September

Phew.. its been a long time I know.. I'm starting to wonder if loose my ability to sew or dye. There's a lot of thing to catch up and more lots of things to tell you about. But meanwhile, here's some peek of the process of our latest collection. Hope you'll like it, and excited to greet it as much as I do. :)

- One of the end result color for the dresses
- Some of my color palette for this time collection, been totally obsessed with maroon and grey I tell ya
- I love how the color of the glove, blends with the dyeing color. 
- Guess what, I present you a new draoupads product: tights! Be sure to watch for it
- The preparation for the photo shoot. Yep, lots of big jewelry, and I mean..big.

Oh, by the way, the collection are planed to be uploaded at Wednesday afternoon. The exact time will be announce on Facebook and Twitter. 

And yeah, off course.. Its been reeeeeeeeally great to see you again. :). 

Big Love

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