Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wicketty Witch

For some of you who had read my blog might already bored with my obsessiveness with the singer Feist (I even name my sewing machine based on her first name). Well guess what, I'm going to bore you once again. Ha!.. Especially because she's going to Jakarta, and yess, I've already had the ticket. *big yiay continued with claping hands ;)

I just want to share one her video that got me completely had 'Videogasm'.. Bllaaahh, I really hate the  "its so meee" term, but I'm scared I can't find any similar terms to reflect how the video is for me.. I mean, the mysterious mood, the weird outfit, the rapunzel's hair, the simplicity yet daunting atmosphere.. and the song! off course, my.... 'Its so meee..' there you go, I said it..damn. Here's some of the image from the video.

Now raise your hand for any of you who thinks that all of this 'Edward Cullen' things suddenly ruin your childhood sacred image about vampire, witchcraft, tooth fairy or anything that use to seem uber cool! *anyone?.. Well at least I do! C'mon maan.. No offence, but Bram Stocker's Dracula, Anne Rice's vampire, Nosferatu, that's what I call vampire! And 'The Craft' probably one of the coolest teen witch movie I've ever seen (yes, there are no sex, spilling blood, or any 'overdo make up vampire', just a bunch of crazy teenager playing bad with witchcraft. Which is cool..). And when I see this Feist video, it kind of reminds me of that sacred image, and I think it inspires me a bit for my next fashion project.. Hmmm...

Okay, the last picture look silly...Hahahaa..  I still love it though!

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