Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Few Things from The Studio

The mess and rage from my studio, bllaahh...the mistery of why is it harder to clean things up than messing it..

This is what what-so-called  "solitary designers" use to do to entertain themself.. O yeah, I have tons of similar pictures indeed.. Yess, we're lack and shamefully beg for social interaction, hahaha... By the way, meet 'Kuciliu The Doll' it is made of socks, my sister Lily gave it to me, and my dear nephew Ayoube named it

The sling bag dummy. In the process I accidentally found a
new dyeing method, but it needs more tests before I can use it for draoupads collection

We usually do the photoshoot at morning, not only because the good lighting, but also because we have to catch up Dinda's work hour. And yess Dinda is fresh from the bed, that explain the nightshirt 

Some shawl shoot, really love the colors! :)


Vara said...

Tasnya kereeen! Rilis dong, pasti banyak yang antre. Dan studiooonya... sorta messy but looks comfy dan loe banget deh! Itu di belakang kaya'nya ada Toby hihihi...

draoupads said...

reseh!! I think its about time we have to stop this toby things.. like, seriously.