Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

Yep, this is still the 'something with the witch thing' kinda post.
Did any of you ever dreamed of being a witch when you're a child, and having this special power? Well, I did. I was raised watching Bewitched and I Dream of Genie when I was a kid (and luckily old enough when 'Jinny Oh Jinny' start to aired on TV). I remember starring intensely an object, any object, and pretty sure that I can move it without even touching it, just by looking at it, (my favorite 'look at me' object are usually pieces of paper or tissue, any kind of it, as long it is thin enough to be flown by wind ;P). But hey, I'm a kid okay!

Despite all, even until these day, I do believe its not just because of wind. I believe part of it are indeed because of some secret power that I have that just need a little polish... I believe I have that certain charm in me.. I'm a diamond in the rough. Dude, I think I should check my family tree.. perhaps some Salem witch turn out to be one my great great great grrreeaaatt grandmother (since I don't have any Banten's blood).
Don't worry I'll tell you when I can move something heavier, like TV or a truck! Or maybe even turn water into wine, ooooh that'll be coool... Uh what? Someone's already done that?! damn...

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