Monday, February 6, 2012

The Desk Job

Just wanna share some of my (almost) everyday view :)

In some way, flowers somehow always makes me feel good.. Hey I'm a cancerian okay! We love pretty things..(although sometimes we hate to admit it). The Monalisa can is a gift from my friend when he's visiting Netherlands, it actually contain nine small rose scented soap (I've only just using one).

Oooh yeah the desk lamp.. Its one of my favorite item. I bought it on the flea market in Jogja, and its only cost me 15.000 IDR. And guess what... it still working! like, seriously.

My favorite vintage poster, this is also a gift, its from my dear friend Mba Dian, whom non other than the person behind Napaktilas. You should check her product! She's one of the person who'll give a fashion forward in travelling. Oh and the sketches, its also from a friend of mine, I've met him at a bazaar, he produce such beautiful batik with natural dye, too bad he hasn't had any product link that I can show to you now.
So, there you go! My favorite work space. How about yours? I would looooove to see your favorite work space! :)

PS: The orange leaves pouch you see in the first picture, were made by Ojanto, one of my favorite brand from Jogja. They produce such a sophisticated yet fun piece with their unique fabric design, love them!

PS #2: Just a sharing session, bllaah, I really hate the wallpaper... Its my sisters choice off course. Maan, how I want to just ripped it off, or just paint it black, I'm sure that'll be much cooler..

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