Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A lunch with a tos

Okay, this is my first recipe posting (I hope there'll be next), still a rookie, hope I'm doing good. 
Well,  I found this almost expired breast chicken fillet in the fridge, so I guess it means that I MUST eat it, like, RITE NOW. And then last night I was watching food channel and they made such a mouth watering fish and chips, so.. from that inspiration, I came out with this! (I know it's everything but close with fish and chips.. but hey..at least they still got this 'crunchy on the outside' kinda thing ;P)

Its basically a crunchy chicken fillet, but instead of using bread flour (since we apparently didn't have any), I use..... wait for it... Happytos crumbs! Yep, you read it right. I crush the happytos and made it as a replacement for bread flour.
First off all I season the fillet (I personally recommend the fresh one ;P) with salt, pepper, chili powder and a little pinch of garlic powder. Leave them for about 10 - 15 minutes. 

And came to the fun part: dipping! First I batter it with all use white flour (or the already seasoned flour will do good. You know the one that usually use for instant fried chicken. It'll add up more taste) and then dip it in an egg (off course after you whisk it), and the last; the happytos crumb. Fried them in a pan with some hot oil for about 3 - 4 minutes. 

To balance the protein and all that happytos and fried pan callories, I cook some veggie. I use zuchini, tomato, green paprika, along with garlic and white onion, and off course some cayenne pepper (its definitely an option). Cook it with a small amount of margarine, and put a little salt and pepper touch (I add a pinch of chicken stock powder too in it). And voila!

"A fried pan happytos fillet with zuchini and tomato saute"

Enjoy :)

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