Saturday, February 18, 2012


It is impossible that I wouldn't post anything about Feist's concert.
It. Is. Just. Impossible..

(All pictures were photographed by: Shalahuddin Siregar)

The concert  was opened by performances from the one and only Erlend Oye, with a quirky yet beautiful performance.All Feist's fans in Jakarta must give him big credit for convincing Feist to come over to Jakarta, so Thanks a bunch Mr. Oye!! :)
The concert... what can I say.... A ma zing! Its everything I've ever imagined and more! With a big help from her band and Mountain Man as  her backing vocals, she's rockin, dancin, doing a lot of interaction with the audience. She sang almost all song from the album "Metals" (my personal favorite album of her), plus some from The Reminder and Let it Die. She's definitely great singer, a great songwriter, a great musician and most of all; a great person. Her energy just blastin all over the room.
The only thing that missing is 'How My Heart Behaves', she's suppose to sing it with Mr. Oye, since he's there already.. But its okay, the concert itself worth every penny!

Thanks Ms. Leslie, and keep the beautiful sounds comin.. :)


Vara said...

We'll see her again next year :)

draoupads said...

Yess we must!! bediri 3 jam, 3 jam deh!

Mira Louisa said...

5 jam juga gw jabanin, Ki! :D I love her inside and out deh. What can I say, she's my Brandy Alexander :p