Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updating. (part 2: October Collection) "Di Sekitar Teras"

October Collection!! The inspiration basically comes from the sightings, the feelings and the mood that sorrounding when we woke up early and have a peacefull steps around the terace in the morning. This is my longing for that kind of moment that drives me to make such collection (note: Jakarta and Bogor in October are literary 'a hell', my... the temperatures just went soooo high, it came to the moment when I though my heads are going to explode..)

So, here are some pictures of it! (the collection off course, not the head..) ;P

Oh yeah, by the way I design a new model for the collection, I named it "Rahwana". I know its a weird name, especially for scarves. Actually, the name was given by my mother, when she sees the 'thing', she said it looked like the intestines of Rahwana. Yep...I know that doesn't make it less weird.. Well, you can read the whole info about Rahwana here, because I don't want you to have a wrong interpretation about the figure, when it cames from my mouth (or hands), hands are getting stiff due to the typing activity I had in this last week. You can call me lazy, its okay..;P

If you wanna see more about the collection , please check our facebook page here. Some of the items are still available, and will be going on sale in this December. So be prepared, be verry prepared.. ;)

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