Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updating. (part 1: Gift Show!)

Geez... its been three months since my last posting.. maaan that's baad.. My last weeks has been busy preparing some gift show and coping back with my anthropological side of me (which in fact I realize how much I miss it) Well, okay, the good news is (at least for me); I'm back!! yiay...
There are sooooo many stories to tell! I don't know where to start, well lets just sum some of it, and lets start with some gift show I involved in

Festival Budaya 
At Bentara Budaya Jakarta
This is an event created by Kompas-Gramedia group, in commemorating the Birthday of their founding father Jakob Oetama. This is my first solo gift show, so it was a complete shipwreck back then, hahaaa.. I've learn  a lot though..;)

See The Invisible
New York
Yup, you heard it right, draoupads is going abroad! Less myself unfortunately..:'(.. But well, its been a great opportunity for us! This is basically one of a fundraising activity that was held by my former workplace Kampung Halaman Foundation, and guess what, they've been receiving an award, and been given directly by Mrs Obama herself.. way to go! 

For more info about the event, you can clik here. Anf off course, if you are interesting about Kampung Halaman Foundation and its program, please visit their website here.

Besides the two above, there are still some giftshow which I involved in it, but unfortunately, because I'm out of town I can't document it here. But those two above are definitely the highlite! Hopefully I can do much much better next time ;)

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