Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On The Road

Being one of the 'Homo Jakartaensis' for me means wellcoming again the hush rush of Jakarta's craaaazy traffic, and wellcoming again all the public transportation (a.k.a angkot). Yup, Jakarta is a heaven for public transportation, name it! ; Taxi, KRL (local train), mikrolet, busway, metromini, kopaja, kol, bajaj, ojek! Did I miss anything? I wonder do bemo still exist.. I know becak is still operated in some sub urban area. Oh yeah, we also once had double decker and trams!

Off aside! You just can't deny that angkot IS the real 'Raja Jalanan'! mhuahahahhaaa.. (beside the Harley Davidson convoy I guess..Bllah) Yesss..I am definitely an 'angkot girl', and proud of it!  One of my friend joke me about it one day, after I was having a job interview at Cosmopolitan Magazine (yup, you read it right!) for a reporter position. I told him about how blank I am when I was asked about the latest  interior store in Jakarta. And then he said, "Hahahaaa...they should've asked you about the latest busway corridor or 'how do you go by angkot from Depok to Pasar Rebo!'" ;P Too bad they didn't..

PS: Yesss.. I've been such a dork lately, keep on misscalculating the timework! The latest draoupads collection will be uploaded soon!! (swear to death) 

Salam Hangat

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