Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updating. (part 3: it takes two to tango)

As you all know (or not), after all this time, in any form of publication or anything about draoupads, everytime I say "we" or "kami" it actually refer to only "me", and "me" is basically doing almost everything you see in draoupads, that includes; designing, producing, marketing, packing, doing finance, publication , and the list just goes on. So, I finally reach to a conclusion that I ain't superwoman, at all. That's why I decided to call a help for assistance. And the person is.. well actually I think you are more familiar with her face, rather than mine.. hahhaaa.. she is Dinda, whom non other is the model for many draoupads collections.

So despite how much I love to talk to all of you directly, I'm affraid from now on I can't do that fully, because Dinda will do most of the transactional and financing part, while I am concentrating on designing and production part (don't worry she won't bite ;p, actually.. she's a lot nicer girl than I am.. damn..) 
After some internship moment, I must say, I helped a lot, thats why I decided to hire her fully. So there you go friends,  say "Hello" to Dinda, the new officially draoupads member! *helloooow Dindaaa...

So from now on, everytime I say "we" it means real "we" ;)

"Ay ay from here!" 

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