Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Announcement

I wonder is it too lame to yell "I'm baaaack!!" fot the opening for this post,  remembering its been almost A YEAR after my last post.. Naaah..what the hell, I'M BAAAAAACK..!!! ;)

In this mid June, I made a small giveaway contest for all draoupads's friend (in facebook). I asked them to tell me TWO of their favorite draoupads collections or items, and TWO of the items they wish draoupads would produce (wether it is a thing we haven't produce yet, or things we've already produce but it is sooooo good they think we should produce it again ;P. There will be TWO winner (do you see a pattern? ;P ) whom each of them will get a pair of this beautiful hand dyed pallazo pants from, draoupads off course (duh).
I know I promise to announce the winners at June 16th, but forgive my lack of focus and resource, last couple of week had been a great chaos in my studio, and I have no time to draw nor announce the winner. 

So, here it is THE announcement! Drum roll please!!!



Its Miss Bonita Maria Cho and Scolastika Febi (it is so funny, only three days ago I've accidentally meet this girl, and she asked who the winners are). Congrats for both!! I will email you guys soon! Wait for the pants!! Hope you gals like it! :)


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