Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Some snaps from Draoupads booth in Kedai Kebun event; Kios Kaos. Held from September 1st till 27 October 2013 in Yogyakarta.


Its pretty obvious about my color pallette, yep black and pink! With a little dash of red and some blue. I did some experiment involving bleach and my latest obsession: Fabric paint!! Its incredible how much we can do with it! No doubt, I'm going to use it more in draoupads next collection. I'm still crazy about splatter and this 'painter washcloth' kinda look' hahhaa.. (I can't figure any terms that can explain it better).

PS: I don't do many  stocks, so people, if any of you interested in getting one, hurry up! Come to Kedai Kebun!! By the way the event's opening held in this 7th September. Be there!! ;)


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