Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Eye

People, I have an announcement to make; that I, probably, just having one of the best breakfast, ever.

Well, first of all I won't gave you the whole recipe, simply because I didn't do most of the work (off course I would if I could). It was actually the leftovers from last night dinner. Me and my sister are having capcay and shrimp with padang sauce. We ate all the shrimp but we still keep the sauce, since it soo freakin delicious.
And (again) I've just watch the food channel, and they're making this yummy lookin rissoto. So from that idea, I was tryin to make my own kind of rissoto, using the leftovers of padang sauce and capcay. And there you go.

I basically just mix it all together in the pan, and put some cooked rice in it, and the stir it nicely with medium heat. I decided to give it some little twist, just by cracking an egg on top of it. And then make sure the fire are in the real low condotion and then cover it. and let the heat do the magic. 
Off course at first I was affraid that it'll burn the bottom and left me some pretty hard work on the dishes, but I'll say "let's give it try!". And apparently, its not! yiay.. I left it for about 10-15 minutes and voila! 

Well, actually I think I left it too long because for me the egg are a bit overcooked, it would be just perfect if I have it a medium cooked. But its all right, its still damn good!

There you go, a little trick for leftover sauce, enjoy :)

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