Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Circle Married the Line

If you ask me; "what was my favorite process in producing draoupads?" my answer would definitely be the experimentation part. Trying new techniques and items, its always fun. Well, yesterday I did some test in dyeing, one of it were doing the yarn techniques. 

The technique were already known in the jumputan or shibori. The idea is very simple, the concept is very simple, basically you just fold the fabric into small folding, end then bind it with yarn, and dye it. So I saw this old Japanese lady in youtube, folding and binding the fabric in such crrraaaazy speed, so I think "hmm..okay, it won't be that hard" untill I finally try it. Well, people... If you think I was wrong because I ended up having such a hard time in folding and binding the fabric... you are right. course, the old lady has been doing it for years! While me, I spent almost an hour only to fold one fabric! nuts.

Until came to the dipping part, and yess I loooove the result! You know, in the tie dye process, the best moment is definitely when you have to unveil the final result, after the dyeing is done, because there is always a nice surprise that you'll meet at the end of the coloring part. And this is not an exception.

I finally use the end fabric as a part of draoupads next shawl collection. Wait for the news and I hope you'll like it! :)

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