Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First 'Top Things'

Didn't post anything in the blog lately. Simply because I have no ideas what's to share. My days are all about dipping and sewing. Well its pretty much fun for me, but I guess you've been pretty bored with all that gundukan kain berkaret gelang n all that hot tub image.

And then I've read this article in this teen magazine I've been craving lately.. (Foucault who? ;P) Yess, my days are full with teen magazine right now, its almost became obsession. The only 'heavy' read that goes into me is just this crazy book I've been translate now (And when I say heavy, its means both literally and figurativel). Oh well, this article gave some content ideas for a blog posting (including some of the items like; "Hot guys alert" and "Themed song with lyrics"), noooo.... I won't put anything about that Pattinson guy (no offence needed), instead, I will put some of my "Top Things". Well, since lately I've been craazy bout Charlotte Gainsbourg, and I think she's one of the most beautiful woman in the whole planet, then I will give you some of my sorted list about my version of 10 most beautiful woman.
Yess I know, it didn't affect any aspect of your life, so did mine! Except perhaps for the time you spend for reading this, and the time I waste for googling their image.
Here you go, my first top things:

 Off course, the woman that start this 'time wasting post'; Charlotte Gainsbourg. You MUST watch her video featuring Beck; "Heaven Can Wait", beautifuly sureal

No, its not Mary-Kate Olsen! Its Fiona Apple. Maaaaann.. I always envy her. I remember seeing her first time in the magazine, and I can't stop staring at her, she look so cool. Where is she now anyway?..

Yup, its Feist. No further explanation, love her, love her, love her. 
I forgot since when did I start to like Zooey Deschanel, well its definitely waaaaay back before she became that it girl thanks to her role in 100 Days of Summer.She's what goes in my mind, everytime I heard the word 'Fun'.

Can you imagine a world without Patti Smith? It will be dull indeed. She defines what "Coolness" is about.

Behind that aristocatic look, Cate Blanchet always have some wackyness to share. Who can even forget her performance imitating The Mighty Bob Dylan, in "I'm not There"?!!

Now who can forget the image of a shanghai woman siluet, walk in slow motion inYumeji's Theme backsound. Maggie Cheung definitely more than that, but the image of it, are successfully stuck in my mind everytime I heard "In the Mood for Love".

One word: Classic, Timeless.. Okay thats two words. Talented, now its three! Graceful, Big Hearted, its five then.. Flat stomach, okay its going seven now. What the heck. She's a full package! The Audrey Hepburn.

I don't know why this girl never got big. I mean she got what it takes! beautiful face, rockstar attitude, and a weird name; Shannyn Sossamon.

Now imagine a world without Twiggy....
It would be beautiful I guess, since it means less girl would have eating disorder.. However we can't deny the fact that; she is revolutionary. And to whoever behind her rising: thanks for giving Twiggy to the world, despite all the consequences ;P

There you go, now back to work! ;P

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Lila Imelda said...

semuanya pucet ya ki cewek2nya.. pale look..

draoupads said...

Masa sih? Audrey Hepburn sama Zooey Deschanel masa pale look sih?