Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby, Vacation and Being Twenty Seven

Yess, I've become such a bad blogger lately.. I've got all pretty excited with the vacation and the baby thing, and off to Jakarta, being wellcome with such deadline, and continuing to postpone in updating my blog. Well, first of all here's some summary about my latest vacation to Jogja ;)

Wellcoming the world!! Its baby Aksan everyone, isn't he beautifull... He 'poped out', not long after I arrived in Jogja. And waiting his birth in the hospital alley.. maan, definitely one of a kind experience..

And the proud mother, my very best friend; Lila Imelda Sari, congrats dear!!  :)

A view from the hospital room balcony, I've been acompanying Lila, at the time she's in the hospital, and watching her pain after giving birth... My..I can't stop thinking how my mother can through all of that for SIX times!

I'm turning twenty seven!! For some unexplainable reason, I've been waiting for quite some times for me to come to this age..and this is it. And as a birthday gift, my friend, gave me a special show, he sang some of my all time favourite song!! And here goes the list:
1. I've just seen a face - The Beatles
2. People are Strange - The Doors
3. I Hope I don't Fell in Love with You - Tom Waits
4. Words of Love - Buddy Holly
5. I'll be Your Mirror - Velvet Underground
6. Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan
7. Little Trip to Heaven - Tom Waits
Actually there are more, but it didn't quite complete, cause too bad he didn't master the chord. Well, it's a sweet gift afterall. :)

A nice pause after a long day shopping supplies for draoupads; one cup of GREAT coffee in one of a local famous coffee shop, 'Semesta'. It's always been a 'pause moment' that I've missing a lot from Jogja.

Another train trip leaving Jogja. Sad sad sad..

There you go! :) have a great day everyone

Salam Hangat


Lila Imelda said...

kiki.. love you soooo much! thanks udah nungguin, merawat dan jadi temen setia gue ya... miss you!

draoupads said...

Love you too Lilce.... That;s what friends are for baby! ;) Miss Aksan and his mother very very mucho!!