Monday, June 20, 2011

"Lintang Kemukus"

This is it! Finnaly, the new collection has arrive! ;)
The title 'Lintang Kemukus' basically a javanese languange for 'Falling Star'. The title's reminds me instantly with the result of some new methods I use in this time dye-ing techniques; a cosmic intergalactic feelings, my friend even says it 'dreamy'. It also describe how my personal struggle lately, and how I hope I'm getting my falling star prety soon :)..hiahahhaaa.. Well, overall, I must say, I'm very satisfied with the result :).
I launch the collection three times in three different models, this is the first one. So people, by this I present you:

"Lintang Kemukus", Edition: One

Some pictures for Lintang Kemukus edition two and three will be uploaded soon!

Salam Hangat

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