Monday, June 20, 2011

The Door

It begans with a door. I found the spot in my friend's office at Pasar Baru. As soon as I decided to do the draoupads photoshoot in there, I instantly know that it would be piece of cake in looking for a perfect background for draoupads photoshoot, since Pasar Baru had a lot, I mean A LOT of beautiful old buildings. Aaaaaand I was right, didn't need to look far, rihgt beside his office, there's this alley with a beautifull weathered doors that leads to... I'm not perfectly sure, but I guess it used to be some sort of big kitchen or some kind of workshop or something. And whoever who paint the red stripes on the door must have this great art vision, hahhahaa... cause besides the distressed aura, the stripes just makes evvvvverything went puuuurrrfect! And here are some of the pictures of the spot, plus the behind the scene over the photo session.

O yeah, if you're curious bout the last pictures, its my friend's latest project. Don't worry, you'll read it soon, if you're an avid news reader. Great job B! :)

Salam Hangat

PS: If you wanna know more bout my friend's project, here you go!


Lila Imelda said...

oh jadi di pasar baru pintunya.. baru gue mikir, itu kok ada jeruji keren di latar blakangnya.... hehehhe...

Lila Imelda said...

ki... yang artinya bintang itu lintang nya apa kemukusnya? bagus juga buat nama anak gue nanti.. :)

draoupads said...

iyap! di pasar baru, benernya masih banyak spot okeh, besok lagi deh ya.
Yo'i Lintang artinya bintang. Bukannya gue dah pernah ngusulin ya?..