Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tjipta Boedaja

Some visual journal from a small trip to a small yet beautiful place in Muntilan Central Java, Padepokan Tjipta Budaya 


Dear people, my... it's been almost six months since my last posting! Oh well, hello again! Hope you doing well and happy. First of all, I wanna make a silly confession, so this post is actually made almost six month ago, and since that, I thought I already publish it, so every time I tell people about this incredible art community and their performance, I always refer to this blog. Aaaaaand.. I've just realize it that ALL THIS TIME.. I haven't click the 'publish' button. So yeah, my bad.

Anyway, around June 2015, my friends invite me to this place called Tutup Ngisor, a one small village in the Muntilan region (Central Java). It is located in the ranks of Mount Merapi whom proudly own a traditional art community named Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja. We went there to watch one of their performance of wayang wong (traditional theatrical performance with Ramayana or Mahabharata script-based). I have to sadly admit that it was the first time I've watch wayang wong live, and all this time I live in Jogja..I know. But it was beautiful, though I don't completely understand the language and it perform for five straight hours - yep you've heard it right. The performance also gave me some melancholic feelings, you see, my late grandfather was used to be a wayang wong actor, -and he's a good one-, but I've never seen him on stage. He passed away when I was around seven, in his nineties. So for me seeing the actors playing is kinda like seeing a glimpse of what my grandfather use to be.

PS: if you want to know more about the community (Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja) you can visit their facebook page here. The cool thing about them is they always welcome everyone new who wants to learn or just visiting and curious about the community and their art. They also quiet open with modern art influence, and perform it sometimes, as a collaboration project or as their own piece.

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