Sunday, March 15, 2015


A scene from the gate of Chateau du Pau (Castle of Pau)

Some notes and stories from the beautiful city itself, Pau. It's too bad since we had a very tight schedule, we didn't get much time to explore the city. But having a stroll and visiting the downtown, enjoying their coffee with some sweet croissant is already a treat for me. Actually I kinda miss walking in cold and just getting lost in a strangers place.

Well then, let the pictures (and caption) do the talk 

Some spot from Pau's downtown area

Bouleveard of Pau. The building on the left side was used to be a prison, and now use as a hotel (didn't get much different in terms purpose huh..)

Cheeeeeese!! One of my latest obsession in Pau. Love them like craaazy, wish I can bring them all

A one overwhelmingly capucino (I don't usually like whipped cream on my coffee, but since its in France, what the heck)
Never thought these bad bad boys are actually taste very good
I forgot the name, but its basically a buttered rice with creamy chicken and mushroom, yum yuummm
One of the local bar we visit, it have great ambience and one hell of a 90's playlist. Oh and great booze off course (a lot cheaper than in Indonesia..thinking about this makes me sad..:|)

One of the shopping center in downtown Pau

Biggest cathedral in Pau
One classic  Europe small street. Its always a joy to have a long walk in Pau

One of the meeting room in Castle of Pau, me and my friend keep wonder which klan would suit this room, its either Baratheon or Lannister ;)
One spot from the old part of the city near the castle

Woke up at our first day of working and get stoked with the scene at the window. We are greeted by the heaviest snow in Pau for the last five years, apparently its a good sign 

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