Saturday, June 11, 2011


Finally, the new machine has arrived! And here are my first collaboration with Leslie (I named it after Feist's  first name ;p). A new tote bag! Made from dyed canvas and old batik. Many great responses came.. Hmm, and the question is; to sale or not to sale... What do you think? Should draoupads put new items on the list?...;p

 I decided to give the bag to my dear niece; Dinda. And meet Dinda herself :). I've been persuade her to became my next draoupads model...;p

And... let me introduce, my new soulmate: Leslie!! Smile Leslie! :) (she's a bit shy)..

I sense we will trough a very loooooong journey!

Salam Hangat


Vara said...

Juaaaal! Ayo pasarin tote bagnya!
Ps: Dinda udah gede ya? Cuantik nian :)

draoupads said...

whuehehehee.. kalo gitu, tunggu tanggal maennya!
Ya ampun varce, dindot udah kuliah sekarang!! berarti kita dah tuwir banget ya bu....