Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling 'Tourist'

Counting my days in Jogja, and I'm getting emotionally bout leaving the city. 
Hari ini saya berkeputusan untuk jadi turis!  I want to became one of those sunglasses people who thinks they came in a rural area where the boys are still wear lurik and blangkon, and the girls are wearing granny look dress (thanks to FTV), and taking pictures everywhere. Well, I am them now! :). So, I go to Malioboro, and just enjoying every step I make there (and taking pictures everywhere ;p). 
So, enjoy my tourist sight! 

The iconic street lamp

 Beringharjo Market, tempat nongkrong saya hampir setiap hari. Wandering and just get lost in it, always a fun thing.

A very recommended  restaurant in jogja, especially if you looking for some old feeling. Love this place.

Old building stores 

Some secret alleys 

Toko tua yang masih kekeuh dgn tatanan lamanya. Ini toko oleh-oleh 

Kalo ini toko obat Cina

Ini lumpia, di depan hotel Mutiara. Yuuuummm... Rp 3000 untuk seporsi lumpia spesial

 Billboard iklan tua yang masih dipasang!

Dan dalam jalan-jalan saya ke Malioboro Mall, I've entered this 'pink-centric' store. I've never really entered it before. But I guess today is an exception. And guess what, I actually found something cool in it..
Noooo.... its not a hallo pink furry hairband! doh....

This is their packaging bag. Wonder if draoupads get same packaging... what do you think? ;P

Tadaaaa...!! A nice turquoise necklace and a very cool baby blue nail polish!
Hmm...they apparently sell different colors (than pink).. well, good for them! ;P

Hope you enjoy the journey;)

Salam Hangat


inilila said...


inilila said...

kiki selalu lupa los mana di pasar yang harus dia datengin. Jadi harus selalu dibawain peta berupa gambar gue... tiap kesana lagi, dia lupa lagi. Itulah Kiki. Itulah yang selalu ngangenin dari Kiki. Not just Jogja will gonna miss you. I am the one who will!!!

draoupads said...

Tapi kan sekarang udah punya denah darimu... walopun akhirnya nyasar juga... hehehee...
Will Miss you and everything about Jogja, a lot! *mewek membabi buta