Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling 'Tourist' Pt 2

Its Saturday, and we decided to go to Gembiraloka Zoo! Yiay...:)

At first, I got sooooo excited about this going to the Zoo thing, until I forgot how I never really into Zoo.
I don't know.. this concept about make something alive being watched without their own will, and making them as tourist attraction (which ironicly I am one of them).. that's somehow alway disturb me. As same as the concept of 'pet. I looooove animal badly, but having them only as an object of affection or simply pride, without really taking care of them and treat them well.. I'm sorry, but for me, that's a stupid reason to have a pet. 

The pictures says all..:(

Well, but frankly I manage to get some inspirations here. We went to the reptile section (off course with a deep concern about the poor condition of their nest). Well, I must say, reptiles are not my favorite thing, but I never thought how amazing their colors are.. My brains are exploded with sooo many beautiful colors they have, and imagine how I can translate them in draoupads piece!

And I just want to scream (in a good way off course) with this!

My... Look at the colors! Aaarrgh...such beauty....

And in the end, we were taking a nice ride with this swan. Actually at first, I want to have an elephant ride, but my travel partner think its too stoooopid, doh.... :|

 But its a fun ride afterall..:)

And..... at Sunday night we went to Alkid, and have another ride! 
Yess.. I know it does look stupid.. What the heck! ;P

Sorry for the poor resolution, I use camera from my cell. But overall, Its a pretty interesting weekend for me, and it makes me sob even more for leaving the town! :(

Well, I really hope you also have a great weekend! :)

Salam Hangat


lucia dianawuri said...

poor that white tiger and the elephant, i felt sorry for them, i mean zoo is an institution where suppose to protect these animals, but look at them, they all look skinny, unhappy, it seems like nobodoy taking care of these animals...#sigh

aniway...nice trip, what about beach, i think it's gonna be a great destination to spent (not actualy) your last day in Jogja...

you can always comeback, it's not that far from bogor...:D

draoupads said...

Yup! Indeed... I can't even imagine what if one day I bought my (future) children to that kind of zoo, what will I tell them.

Bllaaahh...rencana awalnya emang ke pantai, cuma thanks to kemampuan bangun pagi sayah yang payah.. jadi yaahh.... begitulah. hehheee....